Hondenschool Valkenburg


English taught dog training classes

The only Dog School in Limburg that provides group and private dog training lessons in the English language.

International Dog School Valkenburg

Welcome in the Netherlands and welcome to Huisdierverhalen ♥

Once you and your dog(s) settled in we’d like to welcome you to join our small-scale dog training school! We offer both group and private classes named Obedience & FUN! classes and use dog-friendly, play-based training methods which are suitable for all dogbreeds from the age of 12 weeks old! Our group classes mix all ages and provide age and breed appropriate training options because we believe that the youngsters and adolescents can learn an aweful lot in social skills from the adult and senior dogs (when properly monitored of course!).

Our dog training class is entirely taught in English. Even our complementary Whatsapp group is English only because we know that us Dutchies can have a hard time sticking to the English language when we’re among other Dutchies… Huisdierverhalen wants to include all international dog owners and provide an inclusive and fabulous dog-loving setting!

In the class we practice various useful (and unuseful but fun!) obedience commands in different levels, you’ll engage in exciting exercises and we incorporate elements from all kinds of dog sports such as agility, flyball, scent work, treiball, hoopers and even swim & dive training in our doggo swimmingpool!

Who is teaching?

Misha Geelen PGcert is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and graduated Cum Laude from Odisee College in Belgium. Misha started working at Huisdierverhalen since 2021 and teaches the classes of the dog school and provides behavioural therapy for cats and dogs.

More information


This type of training is an innovative training program designed for dog schools to make your dog’s learning process stress-free and incredibly fun!  And of course are the interactive games based on scientific research.

We solely use dog-friendly, reinforcement based training methods and work at your dog’s pace, fully tailored to their own strengths and its less established features. This unique training approach has a personal focus on the individual training needs to ensure that the exercises are always a motivating challenge.



Valkenburg is located in the centre of zuid-Limburg. It only takes a maximum of 15 minutes by car from Maastricht and Heerlen. Free parking available.

A single class allows up to 7 dogs (maximum) and lasts 45 minutes.


Available options are:

  • Wednesdays. Start at 09.00h.
  • Fridays. Start at | 17.00h.


Do not forget:

  • Only use a well fitted collar and a 3 meter lead
  • Bring a load of realy tiny treats! Like, A LOT! In an easily accesible fanny pack.


Please, do not bring or use a rectractable lead, no harness, no slip/chain/prawn collars (or any variation) and definately no sound, scent or electric collars.

Monthly Subscription
1 class per week

Subscription is based on a one year period and includes 36 lessons.
No classes during the holidays.



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